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  1. Complete this contact form for a response within 24 hours

  2. Or call Lillybeth direct on 07 578 4226  /  021 150 1605

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Makeup Mastery for 5 - 15 women

Is it time to ‘makeover’ your outsides...and change your life?  Makeup is a great start, but real confidence, strength and freedom from life’s challenges and heart-level issues can’t be found in cosmetics alone. 

This unique service blends makeup (image) with life coaching (identity) to transform you from the inside out.  Enjoy the full range of Lillybeth’s makeup services to refresh your outer image, while benefiting from powerful coaching conversations for six months, 2 months or just 1 day - you choose.   Get the support and insights you need to discover and start fulfilling your true, authentic purpose. 

Your Stunning Soul Makeover may include the Full Makeup Consultation with before/after photos (1), written application notes (2), inspiration board (3), Smarts Swatch (4) and refresher lesson...a refillable makeup compact in your best colours (5), a Makeup Bag Makeover (6), and, finally, your makeup personally applied by Lillybeth.  As well as unlimited coaching for your chosen period, your Stunning Soul Makeover comes with a happiness guarantee!  See below.

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If you don’t love the work we do together in your makeup lesson (or coaching program), I’ll refund the full cost of your lesson (or that current month of coaching), no questions asked.

Your happiness is guaranteed!”

Makeup Mastery for 5 - 15 women
There are no ugly women, only lazy ones! - Helena Rubinstein
There are no ugly women, only lazy ones! - Helena Rubinstein
 ‘ Pretty’ is something you’re born with, but ‘beautiful’, that’s an equal opportunity adjective.
Makeup Artist Lillybeth / Phone: 07 578 4226 / Mobile: 021 150 1605 / Email:
Makeup Artist Lillybeth / Phone: 07 578 4226 / Mobile: 021 150 1605 / Email:
Makeup Artist Lillybeth / Phone: 07 578 4226 / Mobile: 021 150 1605 / Email:
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Makeup Artist Lillybeth / Phone: 07 578 4226 / Mobile: 021 150 1605 / Email:
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Experience ‘a beautiful education’ with a group of friends or workmates - ideal as a unique alternative/addition to a hen’s party, birthday activity for a special friend or corporate reward for female staff.  In a dynamic, fun environment:

  1. Explore basic colour theory and use some of your most flattering makeup colours to enhance your skin, eyes and lips

  2. Discover some of your best eye makeup application techniques

  3. Apply a natural or glamour makeup look (Make plans to go out after!)

  4. Find answers to your most pressing beauty concerns in your 5 minute individual consultation

  5. Get before & after photos as a record of your self-applied look

Workshop Cost:      $540 for up to 6 people, extra people $80pp

Duration:                   Allow 3 hours - a great way to spend an afternoon!

Deposit:                    50% non-refundable deposit in advance

(To attend a workshop as an individual, email Lillybeth to get on the waitlist for the next public workshop in Tauranga, NZ)

Refresh your makeup collection


Makeup Mastery for 5 - 15 women


Choose a date

Available most Tues-Saturdays

Select your venue

  1. *Your Tauranga-area home

  2. *Lillybeth’s private room near Bayfair Mall

  3. *Outside Tga with travel charge

Secure your ‘beautiful education’ with the deposit

Direct credit, VISA or Master Card

The Full Makeup Consultation: $377

In your private, 2 hour makeup consultation, you’ll give yourself a full professional-style makeover from start to finish while guided by makeup artist Lillybeth.  You’ll explore and use your most flattering makeup colours, discover some of your best customised application techniques and be empowered with the answers to your personal beauty questions. 


  1. 1.Unedited ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos

  2. 2.Written summary of your best techniques, as used in lesson

  3. 3.Inspiration Board with the list of products, colours and tools used in your session, ways to personalise your new look and links to valuable online resources

  4. 4.Customised Smarts-Swatch.  This is your portable beauty profile, exclusive to Lillybeth full consultation customers (see one here)!

PLUS a free refresher session, 4-8 weeks after the initial appointment, to ensure you truly receive a beautiful education!

Ever felt you needed a GPS unit just to navigate the beauty counters?!

Visiting the beauty counters in a department store or chemist is like stepping into a land of opportunity.  There’s the promise of an exotic, new look...the hope of an uplifting, enriching experience...a better, more elegant you.  Yet, when shopping for new makeup, do you find yourself filled with confusion?

There are too many cosmetics brands and choices!

With so many brands claiming unbelievable results and ‘miracle’ ingredients, it’s easy to become ‘paralysed by choice’ and leave empty-handed, or worse, with yet another mistake-purchase in your handbag.

If this sounds like you, you are not the only one - it’s so easy to get confused!  Most beauty departments are a kaleidoscope of colours, textures, formulas, foreign words, competing brands, designer labels, celebrity endorsements...and then there’s the (often pushy) sales people! 

So how can you choose?

With skin and beauty, ‘one size fits all’ just isn’t true - one size fits only one!  So the answer to ‘How can I choose?”  or, “What should I buy”? starts with you. 

To make your dream of looking consistently gorgeous come to life with makeup, you’ll need to consider your natural colourings, skin type, lifestyle, personal fashion style, sense of aesthetic (what you think looks beautiful), skill level and budget - whew!

You don’t know what you don’t know:

Do you regularly follow tips from the beauty section of your favourite women’s magazine?  If so, I understand if you’re confused!  Beauty editors have a habit of publishing advice that is too general or simply unwearable in real life, and too brand-biased to be of any use.

Are you easy prey for the beauty counter ladies at the chemist or department store?  It can be tempting to throw money at the latest beauty ‘innovations’ or trends in order to update your look, but wasting money is never pretty.  And following the fickle, ever-changing, world of fashion can be draining.

Or, like many women, are you wearing your makeup the same today as when you first learnt to apply it?  And decades later, you have changed but your makeup hasn’t?

Fact:  no beauty product or brand is ‘foolproof’

The next time you’re in the beauty aisles there’s a good chance you’ll be wasting time trying on products that, for a variety of reasons, will never work for you.  Believe it or not, despite the advertising claims, there are products that are unsuitable for you and doomed to fail your unique needs.  Even an expensive, ‘cult fave’ or popular product can be a disaster.

And using a makeup, or a certain prestige brand, does not automatically make you more attractive!  In fact, it can do the opposite.  Have you ever been put off someone or distracted by their badly applied makeup?

SYSTEM = Save Your Self Time, Energy, Money

Every disappointing beauty purchase costs you time, energy and money.  Save yourself these precious resources - and avoid the regret of another failed beauty purchase - by giving yourself ‘a beautiful education’.   

A personal consultation is THE way to learn what suits you in the world of makeup and beauty.  The principles, tips and tricks you’ll learn are exactly what you need to enhance your best features - with your own hands - using colours that look stunning on you.  And to discover the pro blending techniques (made simple) that will take your look from good, to great, to gorgeous!

You need a consultation with Lillybeth if:

  1. You don’t wear much makeup because you are hesitant about what colours and products suit you

  2. You wish you knew how to use eye makeup to enhance your natural eye colour

  3. You know you ‘should’ change up your makeup routine but don’t know what to change to!

  4. You’re stuck on how to overcome a particular skin type, challenge or facial feature (Eg. scar, redness, small eyes, sparse brows etc)

  5. You’re sick of reading ‘advice’ from beauty ‘experts’ and they all say something different! Or seeing adverts from cosmetic companies and not knowing what or who to believe!

...Or, if you love makeup but are not sure you’re doing it ‘right’ and would love a fresh, honest opinion and to sit down with a dedicated makeup artist for in-person guidance.

Not sure which of the below services is the best fit for you?  Call for a chat!

Call me on 07 578 4226 or 021 150 1605.  Tell me about yourself!  Tell me why you need my help.  Tell me who you want to impress at the special occasion you have coming up...or let’s talk about your latest project or new business, and the image you want to project to your customers! Share your image challenges that frustrate you!  I’d love to hear.  This is how you can help me advise you on the best course of action to get the results you want.  Call me during NZ business hours or email me anytime.

All services can take place in the privacy and convenience of your Tauranga home or my private room near Bayfair Mall.

MAKEUP LESSONS:  Choose option 1, 2, 3 or 4:

(Scroll down for group workshops & ‘Makeup Bag Makeovers’ )

Enjoy all the benefits of Lillybeth’s concentrated, individual attention as you discover how amazing you can look in makeup - applied by you!


“Lillybeth was great. She was down to earth and made me feel at ease instantly as I was having a private consultation.  We covered everything I needed to know...and I came away armed with new tips and tricks to make me feel like a new person.”

- Sharon, 53, Whiritoa Beach

“Now when I put my makeup on, I feel confident the outcome is going to be good, and when finished, I feel much more beautiful.”

- Hope Gillingham, Matamata

“I was in Life Pharmacy on Saturday and the beauty counter lady was very impressed with my eye makeup. Great compliment considering how gorgeous she looked.  I told her I had a lesson...”

- Zoe W., Tauranga

Instant gratification!  A private sit-down with Lillybeth to get a professional makeup artist’s touch in your makeup bag. 

  1. Rediscover the makeup you already have, with Lillybeth’s ‘fresh eyes’ and insider insights

  2. Discover the good and bad in your makeup bag; what’s working, what’s not and why?

  3. Uncover the missing items you need to complete your look/s

  4. The opportunity to overhaul your makeup collection entirely or simply fill in the gaps with customised, fairly-priced product suggestions

  5. Save time, energy and money when you know exactly what to look for next time you shop!

Full MBM:            $117

90 minutes with take home notes.  Includes optional 15% discount voucher for product

Mini MBM:            $77

30 minutes with any other service, no take-home notes


Deposit:                 $60 for full, $40 for mini MBM required to confirm booking

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Refresh your makeup collection

The No-Pressure Promise is your guarantee you’ll never be ‘pressure-sold’ any products at a Lillybeth appointment.  After your paid makeup lesson or makeover you are free to spend your beauty budget wherever you like.

Mini Lesson: $147

A 1 hour makeup lesson with a basic, self-applied makeover. 


Before/after photos and list of products used.  No application notes or follow-up.

The Full Consultation + Custom-Filled Compact:  $527

Everything in option # 2 PLUS a beautiful, refillable compact filled with your choice of blusher, eyeshadows, lipstick or gloss and compact-sized brushes.

Designed to fit in a woman’s hand, this sleek, refillable magnetic compact from Mary Kay Cosmetics holds a full makeup look, perfect for keeping a professional makeup look at your fingertips.

MINI LESSONContact-Lillybeth.html
FULL CONSULTATIONContact-Lillybeth.html
+ MAKEUP COMPACTContact-Lillybeth.html
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Other Services:





Unlike most coaching, all Stunning Soul Makeovers have a strong in-person component not deliverable by phone or online, so are available exclusively in Tauranga / Mount Maunganui, New Zealand.

Image + Identity Coaching:

8 week makeup intensive $1470  /  1 day retreat workshop $770

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Makeup Artist Lillybeth / Phone: 07 578 4226 / Mobile: 021 150 1605 / Email:


If you don’t love the work we do together in your makeup lesson (or coaching program), I’ll refund the full cost of your lesson (or that current month of coaching), no questions asked.

Your happiness is guaranteed!”